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I have paid for and have begun the “Build Front End Websites from Scratch” pro-intensive. However, I have not yet been invited to my cohort’s Slack group. I have opened a ticket on the CodeAcademy help desk. Can anyone advise me how to get a response from CodeAcademy? I think being part of the Slack group is part of the class structure and I don’t want to get too far behind.

I apologize if this is not the right forum for this question.

Same with me for the Python intensive - started Jan, 2nd. No Slack invite so far and no reply to my Email…
@hhutman Did you get a soloution meanwhile?

This has been resolved. Thanks

But how? Codecademy is not getting back to me at all :frowning: What is the best way to contact the support team? I am really a bit lost - only chatting with bots and not getting any reply on Emails while my course is already in week 2 … :frowning:

That sounds frustrating. My experience was a bit different. I sent a request to customer support (and received an automatic reply) and post a request in the Facebook group. By the end of the day I had gotten the invite.
In addition, as I’ve worked through the curriculum, I’ve had question that I posted to the forum and they were quickly answered.
Good luck. I hope your problem is resolved soon.

I am in the same class and position. I have not received the Slack invite. I have already downloaded slack. If I could only know the title of the group I could get connected. There is no direction as to whom to contact with any questions of this sort. I would recommend that you carry on with the class regardless of Slack. You can use their hints, accept the full solution offered, then clear the command prompt and start over based on the solutions. Google is also an excellent resource for clarification.

Hi Shena, after several Emails I did use the support contact area of codecademy and that went well. Fast reply with a specific link to confirm my Email and than Slack did work. The workspace is called, but I think you won’t be able to enter before you received the link. Good luck!

im lost what it is the slack user.

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Ah, the Slack workspaces are no longer. That feature has been sunset.

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