SkyRoute project - landmarks sharing the same station

Hello, this is about the SkyRoute project:

This isn’t so much asking a question as asking for some feedback.
Final code here:
(Please ignore the rude print statements, it’s how I keep myself entertained and makes no difference to the code.)

So, I did the whole project and as far as I could tell, I’d done it all correctly and it was working fine.
But then I pondered the “What if the user enters the same station?” extra question (if the user entered the same landmark as start and destination, I’d just tell them to stop wasting my time with an easy enough conditional, but the more interesting scenario is different landmarks that are actually share a station, obviously). And at that point I realized my code actually broke if the user entered two landmarks that shared a station, say “Gastown Steam Clock” and “Waterfront Station”, which are both at Waterfront.
In that case, the code resulted in an error saying the “min()” function was trying to run on an empty argument, but it’d also incorrectly spit out the “under construction” statement as there is no route.

I went through the entire walkthrough video and double checked my code against what is done there, and it still broke in that particular scenario.

That was annoying enough, but I started thinking about how to solve it. I initially modified the get_route function at the start to check whether a station in start_stations was contained in end_stations and return start_station in that instance, instead of trying to execute the rest of the function including the min() function that breaks. But due to how we’re formatting shortest_route in new_route, that then spat out:

as it’s now treating each individual letter as an element of shortest_route -_-
So… I got rid of the modification to get_route and instead wrote a separate function:

def check_in_same_place(start_point, end_point):
  start_stations = vc_landmarks[start_point]
  end_stations = vc_landmarks[end_point]
  for station in start_stations:
    if station in end_stations:
      return station

and added this logic to new_route:

def new_route(start_point=None, end_point=None):
  start_point, end_point = set_start_and_end(start_point, end_point)
  same_place = check_in_same_place(start_point, end_point)
  if same_place:
    print("Both {0} and {1} are near the same station:\n{2}".format(start_point, end_point, same_place))

All the previous logic to get the shortest route and then print what it is or print that there’s construction then goes in that else statement.

As far as I can tell, it’s now fine. In the Gastown/Waterfront scenario, it says those are both near Waterfront and then asks if I want to go again, in other scenarios it spits out the route, which appears to be correct.

Can anyone just confirm that a) I’m making sense and b) the original project code if done as intended will break when origin and destination share the same station?