Skipping the next lesson

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to report something that has been happening with me for the last few days.
Ever since I started studying Python here I noticed that sometimes whenever I’d click “Submit & Save” and later “Start Next Lesson”, I’d skip the next lesson.
It just happened while I was doing the “How to use APIs with Python” course, the 7th lesson (Anatomy of a Request) was skipped and it went to the 8th lesson (Making a POST Request).

I strongly believe it’s not my mouse because even if it was, I couldn’t skip a lesson without getting the code to work properly, unless there was no need to code something which is not the case here.

Note: My OS is Windows 10 and I use Google Chrome to access the Codecademy and the forums.

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Hey Gabriel,

Is this behaviour reproducible?

Could you give me the link to the 7th exercise as you see it?

Hey Judy,

I can’t really reproduce the problem because I don’t know how it really happens or when it happens, it’s something I can think of being “random”.
The thing about the API course is that the 7th lesson indeed didn’t need any code and I didn’t notice that, my apologies.

But the problem I stated happend with me quite a few times while doing the Python course, what I did to overcome that was to check each time I passed to the next lesson if no other lessons were skipped.

Thank you for the extra details.

I don’t think we can put in a bug ticket unless we can reproduce the problem.

What we can do is leave this thread here and if someone else reports it too then maybe we can start to see a pattern.

Just for the record, and for anyone who wants to try to reproduce the problem, could you add your operating system and browser to the post please?

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@albionsrefuge: Sure I’ll edit my post with the browser I was using and my OS.
I know there isn’t much to do but thanks for trying to help!

I’ve encountered this bug also.

Intermittent problems are the worst.

I’ve edited your post to include the link to the exercises.

I’ve just tried that one now with the same OS/browser as you and it didn’t skip this time.

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Thanks Chris, if you are ever able to reproduce it on demand that would be great.

I don’t think I can, but I’ll try.

Oh, I forgot to edit so the links for lessons could be access from here, my apologies :sweat_smile:
Thanks for editing my post, @albionsrefuge!

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