Skipping Basic Python


I completed the Python 2 learning module under the free version. However, I bought the paid version and want to do the analyze financial data with python skill path. However, this is basically requireing me to do the Python intro all over again.
Any way this can be skipped so I do not have to the same thing twice?

If the content is the same in both courses it will already appear as completed in the second Python course.

Along with what @lisalisaj said it might be that the path uses Python 3 and you did Python 2. So there would be a difference. I don’t know Python personally but they are probably very similar.

Yes I believe you are right, still a bit frustrating to have to repeat as the differences are very slight

Just adjust your mindset a little bit and look at it as practice and solidifying concepts.
Nothing bad can come from going back over programming concepts. :slight_smile: