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I am currently on the “Control Flow” lesson set and I feel like it is not teaching me anything useful.
Basically it is asking me to report boolean operators as true or false, for example:
“Bool_one = ______” with the instructions saying set bool_one equal to the result of "not 3 ** 4 < 4 ** 3"
I do not know when or how to even use the boolean code or what it is. I already know math and english…
I want to learn to code, not learn 2 + 2 = 4. I already know 4 is greater than 3…
why waste my time?


Booleans are absolutely crucial in programming.
This isn’t teaching you math, it’s teaching boolean logic. As you progress learning programming, you’ll find out that there’s so much more that you can do with booleans than simple math. Just go through it. If it comes easy to you, then good. But you’re certainly not wasting time.


I have to agree. It feels more like copypasta than actually learning the boolean operators. I’m on 'This and That (Or This But Not That!)" and I feel like I need the chart from the first lesson of this chapter just to comprehend it. It kind of reminds me of one of my college maths lessons in logic, which left at least half the class confused for weeks.


Learning Boolean logic is a fundamental step in learning programming. It may not make sense right now, when you are working with these mathematical equations and such, but eventually you may need to understand the concept of something along the lines of:

name = raw_input('Please enter your name: ')
friend_name = raw_input('Please enter your friends name: ')
other_friend_name = raw_input('Please enter one more friend\'s name: ')
if name == friend_name and name == other_friend_name:
  print('You and your friends share the same name!')
elif name != friend_name:
  print ('You and your friends have different names!')

an example like this is why Boolean logic is important to understand.


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