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I am enganged with the Web Development career path and I am enjoying it a lot. However, as I am trying to take full advantage of the 3-months Pro Membership CodeAcademy granted me, I would like to get certified in other courses I am interested in, before my membership expires 2020-11-27T03:00:00Z.

I already learned Python by my own during quarantine before I started attending CodeAcademy’s courses, and I am sure I master the basics of it. So, I would like to be able to skip some of the Python lessons (and have them marked as completed as well) without having to review and complete it step by step. Is there such option? If not, I would like to suggest some kind of skill tests to check our proficiency, which could allow us to skip some steps we already know

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I’m sure one could easily complete the Python course, however, and I wouldn’t recommend this, you could just press solution to every lesson, until you come to a lesson you want to do.

I believe they don’t do this as the certificates aren’t recognised anywhere-they’re more for personal use.

I’ve moved this to community >> suggestions; feature and course requests.

EDIT: For context, it was in get help >> codecademy.

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