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Sorry for the offtopic, but please help if you can :wink:

The last few days I have been living in your webpage, IMO its really fun to learn all this stuff. I have learned the basics of HTML and CSS.

My long-term goal wold be to create a website similar to (a crowdfunding platform) or at least a simple version of the site.

I hope you could answer this question for me - What skills (coding languages) would I need to learn to do the most work myself?
I realize its basically impossible to do it on my own, but just so I wouldnt have to spend so much on freelancers.

Looking forward to your answert & thanks in advance.



Right off the bat, you need to know how to work with HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL at least. The rest will probably be learning how to work with APIs and security to handle sensitive data. If you don't already know how to manage a domain, dns, ftp usage, etc - then you would also need to acquire those skills. If you can alyout the foundation then you should be able to save a considerable amount of $$, but keep in mind that a wonky foundation will make everything else wonky.

In my experience, I've worked with county level accounts and small business accounts - the part that always drains their budget is the design area. If you can have a design ready and solid, without changes, then that will save you a lot.


There's what @lloan said and also don't forget there are people who are willing to help you set a site up for free, just to use it as part of their portfolio.



Thank you so much for your insights. Yes, have started by working on HTML/CSS, so everything else you mentioned is on my calendar.
First thing I need to do though is buy some eye cream, because I think my eyes will be "eaten out" in this process, but I guess it comes with the teritory.



Just remember that the best way to learn is to do.

Create something, even if it looks ridiculous. You can improve upon something you've done, but you can't improve upon something that doesn't exist. You've already started, so the hardest part is already out of the way!

Make sure to take breaks, otherwise your eyesight will be nonexistent after a while! :laughing:



Thanks for the tip. Maybe you could narrow it down a bit? Could these people be beginner freelancers or newly formed web development companies? Do you have any idea where/how to find them?



I've not really seen companies offer free help, but I'm sure if you go into the Codecademy community lounge section of the forum you will find people willing to collab.


So true.
I pitched my idea at Startup Weekend in my city, didnt manage to form a team, diched the event, went home, found codeacademy and started to learn with the thought to make an MVP myself, so it would be easier to find a tech co-founder. Will see how it turns out. + Ill remember to take brakes.

Thanks for the motivation, man!


Thanks for the tip. I will def try it out.


Did a little diggin in Quora, found 2 answers, sorry for the long text, but would love to hear your thoughts:

''To develop website like #1 for Crowdfunding & Fundraising Websites, you need to have strong web development skills in any of the following languages: PHP (programming language) Python (programming language) Ruby on Rails (web framework) with experience in Databases: MySQL, MSSQL. A team is required to develop this type of application with Front end and back end developer, both having strong experience.

Payment System: There are plenty of payment service providers such as Stripe, Braintree etc..

Domain & Hosting: Hostgator, Godaddy, Bluehost..

It is preferable to hire an experienced team, instead of developing website yourself.''

''OK. Let's walk thru this.

You need a way to know who is donating: User Account Management System.
Examples : some come with web server, ldap
You need to create new funds and keep track of donations by whom, when and for what: Database
Examples include: mySQl, Mongo ...
You need users to be able to view their accounts . If users are donors what they've given, if recipients, then project status and donations; everyone; needs to browse fund requests. View Management (this can be a templated system or home grown).

 Examples include Swig, Jade, Angular  ....

A place to host all this and a web server that is secure: hosted web server
Examples include: JustHost, GoDaddy , Apache + Amazon EC2

A way to take payments and manage credit card transaction. payment processor
Examples include Stripe, Paypal

That's about it. There are lots and lots of plugins/libraries for each piece.''