Skills for employment in front end web developing 2019?

So I’ve been learning code for the past 6 months. I’ve recently decided to commit with front end web developing as a career change. As of the moment I know the very basics of html, css, and Javascript. My main question what other skill sets would I need to learn to earn a job as a junior web developer? How many projects should I present in my resume? Do the projects I present be detailed or show the basics of the knowledge I know?

Hey @paine8887

I’d say, if you’re only comfortable saying you’ve got “the very basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript” to keep working on them so you’re definitely comfortable using them.

Since you’re looking at front-end stuff, it wouldn’t hurt to get to grips with a framework like React.

For a better idea of what you’d need to know, though, I’d suggest you take a look for job vacancies in your area advertising for “junior web developers”. If you know what the skills they’re asking for are, you can learn them. :+1:

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