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I don’t know how to describe it but I think I have a problem with the width size of my whole website. It seems to be too high (it goes far too much into the right side) which is also the reason why you can see this bar at the bottom. Can anybody tell me, why it is like this and how to change it? The page: Tomorrow Design

(I assume you are able to see the code over github?)

Hi Chris,
this is usually caused by child elements that are too wide for the viewport. You can find the culprit by deleting single items in chrome/firefox etc. devtools until the horizontal scrollbar disappears.
In your case the sections with the image on the left and the textbox on the right cause the overflow.
You organized that with fixed width and left values. That’s not necessary. You can easily achieve such a layout with flexboxes and no issues.

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Thank you so much, Mirja, this really helped me a lot :slight_smile: !!

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