Site structure lesson exercises 2

unable to get property ‘DeferredSignal’ of null reference

Is this the new Pro course, or the old one (that is soon to expire)?

It’s the new course.

Okay, I’m there now. Does the first page appear correctly?

yes![quote=“mtf, post:4, topic:28643”]
Does the first page appear correctly?
[/quote]it appears correctly.

Click Next. What happens?

it shows the error “unable to get property ‘DeferredSignal’ of null reference”.

This is not happening for me (FF on Windows 7). What OS/browser are you using?

WINDOWS 10 64bit, I tried several browsers (IE/360/MICROSOFT EDGE),but none of them works.

Yeah, mine’s 64-bit, too. Do you have Chrome or Firefox?

No,i don’t have chrome nor firefox.I’ll try it with firefox and thanks for your answer.Later let’s see if firefox works.

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firefox : “s is undifined”

So it’s not working in FF, either?

Are you a Pro subscriber? (Should have asked this earlier.)

No,I’m not . Just a common user. By the way , what is FF?

Firefox browser is often referred to as FF. Sorry for the confusion.

I’m at a loss to see what you see as I’m on the other side of the moderator line so have greater access to content. One of my colleagues recommended I set up a dummy account for the purpose of seeing what others see and experience. Might have to do that.

Did you get Firefox installed and running?

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