Site doesn't work correctly on SRWARE Iron

Hey all. You don’t get a badge for finishing a course when using SRWare Iron. I am also not sure if its meant to show 1% completion when you’ve finished a section? It does that in both browsers I tried.

I used firefox, redid the course and got a badge.

Specifically I am talking about the php course which I am mid way through:

Yet i’ve only finished the two i’ve done in firefox. But I still get badges for overall completion, just not specific modules within it.

Thought I should bring it up in case you were not aware.

we aware, but that course is the old learning environment which is no longer supported, as such are not linked to on the main page of the codecademy site, and might be removed any day.

given they are no longer supported, no bugs are fixed

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Ah that’s why its hard to find! I hope you don’t its really, really useful :smiley:

yes, i would go to and pick one of the courses from there, these are the supported courses, for which you can get help on the forum and report bugs.

Yep thanks for that. But I am only really interested in learning php and then mysql to back it up for now :D.

Thanks for the help. Give me a couple of days before you delete it lol if you’d be so kind.

codecademy does have an SQL course, which i would then recommend (SQL is structured query language, which MYSQL uses, as well as other databases). Yes, you can make queries in PHP as well, but understanding the underlying query language might be very useful

its not up to me when the courses will be taken down, i am actually surprised that they aren’t taken down yet. The old learning environment hasn’t been supported in months

i would recommend finding a good PHP course somewhere else

Yeah I saw the mySQL course which I might need help with. First I need the php understanding to make use of the mySQL. Php is more a refresher for me, I used to code in C++ as a hobby. Nowhere has a better php course than you have up there, that i’ve seen anyway. Its been really, really helpful.

mySQL is the database, SQL is the language used in a database (like mysql)

the course is SQL, there is a difference there.

If you have SQL questions, you can just make a new topic under the right section on the forum, i rarely answer those, but surely someone else can and will :slight_smile:

Yep thanks I realise all that. But php boards that I want to work with make use of both. I need the php understanding first to make use of the mysql, which i have much less understanding of.

Thanks for the help.