Site directory doesn't exist



In step 3/7 when I use cd command to navigate to site directory, it says it doesn't exist! Although in Instructions the first one becomes green. Then when I do "git init" because the site directory doesn't exist at all, I never can make the second one green to pass the step. (although in previous section the website completely created and I saw it in its browser when I navigated to http://localhsot:4000)
This is the text in terminal where I am and no way to go to next step.

$ cd personal-website
bash: cd: personal-website: No such file or directory
$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/ccuser/workspace/daw/.git/

as you see it initialized in daw and not personal-website. (I reported it as bug as well)

Any opinion will be appreciated.


What is displayed in the terminal when you type ls?


Nothing. But when I type ls -l it displays total 0


I went back to previous section, and did things again and again, and didn't work. Until the 4th time that it said user reached to limit. and in that time I just clicked next and next, until the current step and now that I checked it, it passed. Now things are working (any way, that was a bug IMHO)


Glad you managed to pass!

Not sure if you know that, but it helps - whenever stuck on a platform, try resetting an exercise. Another thing you can do is to check whether the platform works correctly in another browser (I personally use Chrome + Firefox combo).


I used Resetting the exercise. But to be honest, I didn't test it with another browser to see what happens. Will try it next time if again happened.



Hello! I faced the same problem. You have to re-do all of the previous steps. It seems Codecademy thought that the code would carry over the lessons, when it only carried over between the exercises. Hope this helps!


I have the same problem and have been resetting many times. Then I try to create the "personal-website" directory first using the"mkdir" command and then navigate to that directory using "cd" command.


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