Site crashes when I hit "Save and Submit"


Nothing wrong with a code and no questions just really want this to get fixed so I can move on. It's been like this for over a week.


It says that you are covering While loops which make your browser crash frequently. can you send the code that you are trying to fix?


chances are, your loop is repeating an infinite amount of times because it doesn't know when to stop. make sure that whatever condition you are checking is changed to false at the end of the loop before you close your { }. If you are sure its not your code then try a new browser. but while loops are really annoying sometimes. hope this helped :smile:


var understand = true;

while( Math.random() * 2 ){
console.log("I'm learning while loops!");
understand = false;

My friend works at codecademy and he said the site was down so I didn't think it was me but looks like it might?


you aren't checking for a parameter. inside the while() you should have understand doing something. its running while Math.random() * 2 but that is always the case so your loop goes on forever. what were you trying to have the while loop do? like how long do you want it to run?


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