Sitcom trivia quiz!;) - python terminal game

Hey, all sitcom lovers!
I have just the right thing for you. I present to you a SITCOM TRIVIA QUIZ that is sure to entertain you. Built entirely of python, it is my first try at a python project.
So, let me tell you a bit about this game/quiz.
This game has two rounds namely:
Round_1: SITCOM TRIVIA which will include 10 multi choice questions from a sitcom show of player’s choice from the three given options.
Round_2: FRIENDS TRIVIA which will include 15 multi choice questions from the most popular show friends.
Rules are as below:
(1)Each correct answer yields a +1 whereas incorrect answer will give you -1. You may skip a question if you want by entering ‘0’ into answer which will lead to no negative marking.
(2)For entering round_2 you need atleast 7 points in round_1.
(3)You have one lifeline to assist you in case you need it in round_1, namely:
1.Change the question - it will change the question.Enter ‘-1’ into the terminal to avail it.
Note that it can be used only once through a single round.
(4)For round_2 you will have two lifelines which can only be used once throughout the round namely:
1.Change the question - it will change the question. Enter ‘-1’ to avail this lifeline.
2.50:50 - It will remove two wrong choices out of the four provided. Enter ‘5050’ to avail this lifeline.
Note - You cannot use the two lifelines in the same question otherwise 0 marks will be awarded.
ENJOY the game:))
Here is the link to github repository:

Any feedback will be helpful. Hope you like it!!;))

Hey, I really enjoyed the sitcom quiz. Good idea with the lifelines.

The only thing I would suggest would be to put round one in a function rather than repeating the code 3 times.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks @mega1941346178, for the feedback.
I am happy you enjoyed the quiz! I will be putting the said code into function.