Simple Web App, where to start?

I am hoping to get advise on where to start with a project I am doing.

I would like to create a browser based UI that has buttons and displays data (such as camera feeds, temperatures etc.) from ControlByWeb Ethernet I/O devices. These devices can be controlled by script in VB and AJAX.

I have some experience with VB (mostly VBA), and python for data analysis, but no experience with GUI or web based apps. The app doesn’t need to be published, it can just be a local to the network.

I would like to know how to tie all of this together and what I should invest my time into learning first.

I’ve only recently come across the web based side of this so take everything I say with a hearty pinch of salt; with luck someone with more experience & knowledge will weigh-in in due course.

You might be able to get away with Python and Django or Flask (for a bare bones set-up I think Flask would be easier but I barely know Flask let alone Django so a little reading might help if no-one else weighs in with more experience). There are plenty of guides that explain how to get a webcam stream set-up like this.

I think the requirements of buttons and similar ‘interactivity’ is a little more difficult (that’s more javascript territory). There are some Python libraries that bridge the gap a little, e.g. dash- dash · PyPI and you may find others but it may take more work than having a non-interactive set-up.

So with my limited knowledge I’d suggest a smidgin of HMTL to get started, then look into Flask and you could probably smush something half decent together from an online guide. See if Dash or similar fits your needs for interactive tools because if not that may be the hardest bit.

Thanks for your response. So I can setup the GUI with Flask, and Flask has the ability to run AJAX scripts to retrieve data from the I/O devise? If this is true, then that’s probably all I need to get started.