Simple query... but I'm stuck

Hey all,

I’m going back and practicing some of the beginner courses of SQL and I keep getting stuck writing a query for the following:

" Given a cities table, write the query to select only the cities with temperature less than 75."

The practice sessions don’t let you submit an answer until it’s correct so I’m not sure where I’m going wrong; it’s also difficult to tell what the parameters of the hypothetical table are.

Assuming temperature is an integer, I would think it’s a simple “WHERE” exercise:

FROM cities
WHERE temperature < 75;

Where am I going wrong? Or rather, what answer is the question wanting me to enter?


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What’s the schema of the table?

“select only the cities” might mean to select only the cities column if there is such a thing (where temp<75).

The schema isn’t given in the practice sessions - that’s where it’s a bit confusing.

it usually shows on the right hand side in the codecademy environment. If you run any command like select * for example it’ll show.

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.57.31 PM

I know what you’re saying.

I can’t screen record but it doesn’t let you enter any code, only “submit answer” which will stay grayed out with a red do not enter looking cursor until the correct code has been entered - then it’ll turn green and allow you to “submit answer.”

It’s under the second chapter of the SQL syllabus - under practice.

Unless “ctrl+enter” isn’t how submitting code works…??