Simple Portfolio starter

Hi All,

Just published the first draft of my portfolio page.

Any suggestions welcomed and much appreciated!


Hi, @lozp93!
Is there a reason for putting < header> and < footer> outside of the ?
And another question. What’s up with all the divs? A < header> with < h1> and < ul> for separation of concern would do the trick. Any particular reasons I might have missed?

Thanks :wink:

Hey @arc7691987439

Thanks for taking a look! :slight_smile: .

Is the question re the Header/footer why they are not in the body tag? Good question!-need to amend.

In re the Divs, mostly bunch of containers set to display:flex, to help my content wrap when the width changes - again if there is another way that i might have overlooked please share :smiley:

thank you and appreciated! :smiley:

@lozp93, it took me a while but here is my review of your code - just visit the CodePen page I generated for you. It’s not complete because I want you to play around with it and thus compare with your previous version. Hopefully, working through my version, you’ll see how I’ve done it and be able to learn something from that experience.

I’m not saying it is the way it should be but it solves divitis problem. All I did was make use of the layout tags in HTML5. The goal was to reduce the code base but keep to the presentation as much as possible.

Thanks for the opportunity. I had fun reviewing your work and it gave me some more practice.
Let me know whether it helped or whether I made any mistakes myself :wink:

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@arc7691987439 this has been truly - very helpful!

thank you so much!

Will work through my code and clean it up like you have done it :)!!

much appreciated!

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