Simple Portfolio Project

Hello! Here is my portfolio project!

and its repository: GitHub - Icy-Rex/

Whew… after reviewing some other people’s portfolios, I was hesitant to even post mine. Everybody else’s is so good! I decided I would go ahead and throw my portfolio into the wild because, hey, everybody starts somewhere and I can always come back and improve it!

I view this mostly as a skeleton to give myself the room to grow and add to my portfolio as I learn new techniques and find inspiration from others! I would still love to hear your feedback on how I could improve my very basic and boring portfolio!

I believe the weakest aspects of my portfolio are the overall styling and interactivity, and my strongest aspects are the organization and simple design (a little too simple, I now realize!) that maintains design flow.

Hey! How you doing?

Saw your comment so was wondering if you posted yours separately, and you did! Awesome.

  • It is very simple but I actually like it. The only thing that doesn’t makes that much sense to me is the double underline beneath the navigation, since in all of the other underlining’s there’s content below.

  • After seeing the projects I thought these would be links but they were dropdowns. And I thought it was pretty cool to have the fortune teller working right on the website. But there’s need to be better indicator that they are dropdowns since they looks like simple bullet points, maybe a plus sign at the beginning with a shadow or within a circle to indicate that it’s clickable.

  • As far for the concept of JavaScript, it’s out of the blue, didn’t expect that. But just a little better format like h3 titles like, How to play, Goal, Description, would make the text more inviting to your concept :grin:

  • In terms of design. This accomplishes the goal intended for a portfolio and it looks professional. Seems that you think the simplicity it’s maybe too much. My suggestion is just see what you like and what you don’t pretty much my portfolio is a collection of things that I’ve seen and that I wanted to apply and it also depends on your taste, I like to use as much color as possible (And sadly have to refrain a lot of the times hahahaha) But this is a great skeleton for you to start finding what is the style you like the most. So great job!

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Thank you! I greatly appreciate your comments. You made some really good points and I’ll be incorporating those improvements when I revisit my portfolio.

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