Simple blog with django

I chose not to create a game or a Python Terminal game, because I wanted to create something more real-world like, so I opted to create a blog. Although, I didn’t dive much in to algorithms and game theory. I got to experience using python, django, html, css, sqlite, git and github. I wanted to get a little bit of experience working with multiple files and folders, using different languages and seeing how they all come together to create a blog. The blog is fairly simple, per the name simple blog. Where the user can create a profile, create a blog with a choice of category. The blog itself is able to load images and edit text. There is also a comment box for other users to comment on the blog. I also got a bit of more experience using git, git bash, the terminal. I also wanted the experience of what a the website creation along with the built in sql that handled the database. Overall, the project was what I expected and wanted out of my first project. I felt I will get plenty of more chances to work my algorithm game brain in the near future, therefore I just wanted to create something that is applicable to the real world. I did know how to upload my project on here, so i just pasted my url for anyone who is interested in seeing my first project.