Simpel website for a new little company

Hello everyone i am working in a web-project for my brother in law company.
There is nothing amazing, i am just working with html css and javascript.
He produces worms to sell to the chicken producers and he is just starting,
I would like to have some opinion on how it is going the website if someone has some desing tip as well will be thanks.

Here the version online

and here the github repositories

i have been working on it for the last 3 days
Thanks everyone


Good job! love it, keep working!

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Hi design5831700053,

You made an awesome website. Still two things I would like to ask. When I opened the website in Safari there was a very thin light-green strook at the left of the website. when I used the dev-tools and typed margin-left: 0px; under the Body element it was gone. It looks like the contact link is linked to the top of the page. Is that supposed to be or do you like it to be at the bottom of the page were the adres is located?

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Hi beta9771763919,
Thanks for your answer.
Not I actually didn’t care about that green line yet, because i am waiting for the real photos and to decide aswell how i will manage the dark mode (or if it will be one or not).
Same for how i will manage the super wide screens. It’s just its high season for them and cannot have fluent aswers for what they really want.
Thanks for the tip of the body margin, i will delete it now :slight_smile:


I am pretty new to this and the slides on the top facinates me! Really cool! It seems to have a bit of a rush to move from slide 1 to 2 maybe? I can’t see why though. I looked in the codes, but I have not learned the animation yet…

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Great job!

Here a few design pointers how to improve the site even more:

  1. Some of the text contrast is really low and hard to read. I would make the text a bit darker to improve this.

  2. The same issue on the hero slider, adding dark overlay over the picture could improve the readability of the white text on some of the lighter pictures.

  3. The navigation seems a little bit misaligned on bigger screens.

Thank you Christophwork,
I took note for what you suggest and i change it.
I made some others changes,
Now, the client decided to change the slider from vertical to horizontal, so many things will move.

I m checking it with big screen now to correct the alignment. Cheers, and many thanks for your comment.

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Hi Tera,
I really like the typo that you choose.
I found not comfortable a website where all of it is waiting for a miss click to move me to a contact page. It’s a little the feeling of the not safe websites in the 2000’s .
I have some problems to read here the text in grey.