Sidebar problems

Hi, everyone!

I’m a writer and currently working on a gardening-related website. I want to make a new sidebar with the logo of the site and social media icons. The problem is that since the sidebar is a widget, it means that the logo and social media icons will be visible on each page. I need it only on the page about us. Is it possible to make a different sidebar on each page? Thanks in advance!
My site:

Regards, Nora

Hi Nora,

What are you using to make this site? It would be certainly possible with html/css. You would just group the pages into the templates you want them to be in (for example: pages with no sidebar and pages with sidebar).

As far as I know, we built pages with WP backery. The problem is that I’m just a writer and don’t know enough about code. I thought, maybe I could find more info without disturbing others. I found out that some plugins may help but which ones?

You might want to check some WP-specific forum (maybe reddit’s channel?). CC doesn’t offer any WP courses and so at best there may be someone who does know something that can help out but that might not be the case.

Wordpress can be used as a content management system (CMS) and that’s a different branch of web-development than the one studied in the courses for CC (which focus on more code-intensive frameworks like react and flask).