In the Shutterbugg project, I have a question when you hover your mouse over the download button what CSS style gives it that effect ? if you go to this website and hover your mouse over the download button it has almost like a shadow effect. How do we create that effect ? I don't think this was shown in the HTML/CSS course.


Hey buddy,

It's not covered properly in a lesson that I can see, but a couple of the other website projects have that CSS in.

What you're looking for is this:

.main a:hover {
 box-shadow: 0 2px 3px rgba(0,0,0,.4);
  transition: 0.5s;

Bootstrap is used in most of these projects. Take a look at some of its built-in effects and use them! :smiley_cat:


Hey thanks buddy! Yeah at first I thought it was a javascript code but I didn't take any of the javascript courses yet so I figured none of these "Make a website projects" were dealing with Javascript. Yeah I had a feeling it was the "box-shadow" CSS element name. I never knew about "Transition" though. Thanks!


Also transition is apart of CSS3 not CSS so thats another reason I didn't know about it. They should do courses on HTML5/CSS3 as well.....


Transition just makes it move a slower so it looks better to the eye, but yeah.

It also works with "text-shadow" if you wanted the same effect to only target your text.



yeah see all of those are CSS3 and not CSS. Code Academy really needs to do courses on CSS3 and HTML5 cause thats a big difference.....