Shutterbug 404 Error


I'm getting a 404 Error when trying to load the "Shutterbug" project after finishing the "Move" project. Anyone else getting this? I was having a lot of fun with these projects.


Hi, it seems like they have moved the section somewhere else, I have 404 error each time I try to open a new project, Tried to write to support, but they automatically kicked me here. Hope someone knows how to access those projects.


Same thing here!
Some time ago the page was working perfectly


They have changed the Website Project modules to a feature in the Codecademy Pro account. If you have not started a website project module, then you will have to upgrade to the pro account in order to access it. You will still have access to modules that you already started working on.


Such a pity I haven't managed to finalize the course earlier :frowning:


Im from Europe, so i cant go PRO yet.

I found a small solution. You can do this projects manually and in Chrome (ctr + shift + i )
For example project: BASS

For example project: MOVE

you can change the project very easily just insert the name inside the brackets projects/... /index.html , you are not able to see the instructions, and you also need to download the missing photos. or just use yours. This solution helps me a lot.