'Show it if you know it!' My Links Are In A List


I suggest showing how to select the anchor tag within a list. Because I chose to put my anchor tags within an unordered list, if not, ordered list. When I tried to change the color of the anchor tag within the first-child within my list, it didn't change the color (only the bullet-point).
However this worked,
li:first-child a {
Which allowed me to select every anchor tag, where the list tag is the first-child.


you already have knowlegde of css and html it seems, else you wouldn't call <a></a> an anchor tag. Yes, the exercise assumes you put your anchors directly in body, in which case a:first-child works fine, but if you get creative, you need to find a creative solution as well.

Codecademy teach basic html and css in this course, then you have the choice what to teach, and what not to teach


"If you get creative, you need to find a creative solution as well."
Sounds just about right. We're on the same page, same boat.

I have no prior knowledge of css and html, aside from what I've learned in codeacademy.
My intention for this post wasn't to sound condescending. I was ecstatic with what I learned at the time and shared it, because chances are someone else decided to be creative by embedding their anchor tags (anyone with half the intention to learn as much as I do would have googled what the 'a' stands for). Codeacamedy does teach basic html and css in this course, but it also encourages creativity. Why else would it place such an emphasis on dialectic, interactive learning.

My contention is, this post is for the creative people who decided to embed their anchor tags within a list and just couldn't get it right. Whether codeacademy decides to cater to those people or not, it doesn't matter to me. I'm here to learn.

tl;dr I just wrote three paragraphs because someone assumed too much.