Should the URL displayed in address bar be static or dynamic?


Hi. I have a general question about routing in AngularJS.

As I am building the AngularJS projects prescribed by codecademy I've noticed that when I navigate between views the URL address displayed in the address bar of the browser remains static at http://localhost:8000.

I presume that's because we are injecting views within the index.html file.

However, it seems like a poor design decision if that doesn't allow for a user to easily share a link to an embedded view, such as the view of a specific book in a collection of books.

Moreover, when I see the completed project deployed by codecademy in AWS, I notice that navigating around in the app does result in a dynamically changing address toolbar. For example, in the Project Reader.

Should the URL displayed remain static, or am I doing something wrong and how do I fix it?

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I asked a similar question.

@pkbanks how did you find the completed project example in AWS? Can you link to the routing project?