Should kids learn real coding, or stick to 3rd party programs like Code Monkey or Scratch?


Yes. We found that out after much trying and talking :grinning:

Basically, yes, you summarized it.

Thank you for answering!


Computer scientists would say Scratch is a Turing-complete programming language, which means it can perform all the basic functions that make up algorithms. Some people worry that because you snap together blocks in Scratch rather than typing text, it isn’t a real programming language.

Scratch technically is a programming language, so wouldn’t it be real coding besides the fact it literally is JS.


Its still 3rd party, and easier because you have all the options in front of you. I see your reasoning though.


Scratch really isn’t used professionally though so would it be worthwhile?


So you would basically learn JS, so yes?

At least I would think it would be worthwhile.


Thinking isn’t exactly knowing. Sure its learning JS, but its drag-n-drop instead of typing which can easily lead to mistakes.



Good point, but you can’t have everything in life :wink:

You’re still getting the basics until you’re ready then though.


And it will never be.


You wouldn’t basically learn JS.


Basically, yes, actually its the same thing exempt Scratch is drag-n-drop. Read @biirra’s post.


Scratch teaches you the BASIC theory of Computer Science. It teaches you NO syntax. It teaches you the general words used in some statements but it genuinely teaches you NO syntax.

It is NOT used in professional work environments, and I’m sure while people can dig up someone who uses it, it isn’t used though.

Scratch and JS for that matter, don’t go beyond the very basic theories of Computing, Although with JS you have a lot more you can theorize on due to it being an actual language.

You do not learn ANYTHING about programming workflow, IDE’s, Git, Etc.

Scratch is NOT used extensively in any Curriculum for teaching programming.

Scratch also makes it a lot easier, and even encourages/Forces you to use bad programming practices in some areas.

Learning Scratch is NOTHING similar to learning the syntax of JS.


Syntax is a story because yes, you do write it out. Scratch requires no writing, and that would make it challenging.

Really, my old school uses Scratch to help us learn? At least starting out. Also used Code Monkey too in Elementary School.


I did use the word Extensively.

But pretending I didn’t, as you did, I was not referring to HighSchools, Middle School, and certainly not elementary school. For all I know they may be teaching how to do surgery with grapes. I was referring to Colleges, Universities, And Software engineering Programs geared toward adults, High School Graduates, Academically advanced HS students, or people looking to soon enter the workforce.

But the fact is that I did use the word extensively.


I know. I saw. Out of high school is an entirely different story I would agree.


I would agree.

But watch someone start up a buisness that uses Scratch…though I severly doubt it though, it would be funny anyway…


I can start a programming business using floppy disks if I would like hahaha.


VCR at that point?

some areas is the key word. We’re just talking about in this topic for kids, not for adults as it says in the title. Kids vs Adults are two different things in this matter though.


I’m to tired. I’m not a HR manager I’m just an engineer. This topic is to complicated for me.


Engineer for what can I ask?


I would agree its based on maturity.


Theoretical Computer Science is my Destination.

Originally I wanted to be an Electrical engineer, But it seemed to be boring and required a lot of education to get to the basic levels. I decided on doing something in the software field because it would utilize my skills in Programming and Hardware. I also have some skills in Network Engineering.

I am Currently a student, But I do some work in Software Engineering and IT support. I do Photography and have some friends that do Modeling/Networking/Software so I occasionally do projects for some clients.