Should kids learn real coding, or stick to 3rd party programs like Code Monkey or Scratch?


And although I don’t consider this a good idea for actually learning code, something that might get them use to the idea of actually writing code is the "Swift’ game app thingy from apple.


Thanks! This also helped =)


It depends when they start. If they are 10, it may be better to just start with real code, but it’s always good to start with the basics.


Yes. Well, possibly. Like you said I found it to be on readyness level where if you do Scratch good, then move on to JS or whatever.

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Being able to code can be challanging when you don’t know what and how to do it. That could also be another factor to it.


True. Sometimes coding being me a struggle, and I really don’t like it. But that is how they can learn problem solving skills.


Ture, they can solving skills, but they still may get angry. I see your point, but also this is practically an endless discussion. There is no right or wrong answer persay.


I guess it could be an endless discussion. But is it though? Sure they may angry, but like I said, they can try and problem solve. If really stuck, why not ask for help? It won’t hurt that much , would it?


I think these are things a parent should decide for his own. Every kid would react different so there is no answer for those questions. Do whatever you think is best for the child.


I see that. So parent makes the decisions instead of child? If so, child wouldn’t have that freedom :disappointed_relieved: