Should kids learn real coding, or stick to 3rd party programs like Code Monkey or Scratch?


I’m a little confused. Should kids start out with Scratch or Code Monkey, or go straight to learning real coding. Which should I choose, and why? Would kids become discouraged?


Depends on the age i would say.

When i whas around 13 i whas amazed when i saw some upperclass schooler code mario. This got my interest and is why i started coding. But i dont know if i would have gotten into it if i never saw any visual result.

It is hard to code and even harder when it takes long to see results.

So if the kids choose for it it might be good to give them a taste of real coding (it should be basic and with results tho).
If the kids dont choose for it. it might be better to use a 3rd party. This way you can be sure they atleast get the basics to become interested.

This is my opinion tho.


Well @biirra, pretty much after that they need to do ACTUAL coding. They can’t just keep doing 3rd party.


So what would be basic if starting with real coding? I personally think Python might be good.


Do you mean that coding is mandatory on schools now ?

Also if you understand the coding structure (if/else statements and stuff) that is still very obviously visible in 3rd party programs you wont be that surprised when you start actual coding. It looks very similar.

for example (created with scratch):

is almost identical to (Javascript):

if( 1 === 1){


Coding is not mandatory yet. Most schools are starting to have coding classes now. I know, Scratch is basically JS, but slightly easier.


I don’t know which language is best for beginners.

To be honest i don’t think there is a “best” language for beginners. Since i am not a teacher and far from a professional myself i don’t feel comfortable answering this.

You could maybe ask/discuss this with other teachers from schools.


Ok. Well, I’m not talking exactly for school. Maybe at home. Thanks for your thoughts though :grinning:


Ah i understand, You could always try both you know. Make the kids decide what they find more fun to do.

As long as its fun its very motivating.


Welp, I was fascinated by Code Monkey and Scratch too, after I started actual coding. But I decided to stick with both.

I even play these games today, just to express my knowledge in an easier way. :smile:


Thanks =) This helps


Wouldn’t they always choose Code Monkey or Scratch because it’s easier, and more designed towards them? Would they even go to real coding at that point? I’m sorry, but I just don’t entirely understand.


Thats why i said it depends on the age. If they are like 12 years and younger i would advice a 3rd party program. Cause learning to write code requires a lot of reading/writing and we all remember how we liked that as a child. After they grow up and want more they are going to need to learn how to code since 3rd party programs are very limited.

If they where older than 12 i would not be suprised if they choose real coding. Since the third party tools look a bit childish. They are more training wheels after all.
But even if they do choose for 3rd party programs it should not be a problem. Amazing things have been created with 3rd party programs and it still counts as cooding (al tho its building code instead of writing code).


Thanks! That really helped =)


Don’t you have to be 13 to use Code Cademy? If so, some kids couldn’t use Code Cademy then.


I think you have to be 13 to create an account. I am not sure about this but i think kids can use an account that is on they’re parents name.

Also i don’t think it matters that much. Kids probably can’t join intensive courses. But otherwise its not like there’s someone checking everyone’s birthday everyday.

You have to check the rules for this one tho. Don’t be afraid to ask a moderator as well.


Ok. Thanks again! That helped. I read the rules and yes you are correct.


Well, you can make an account- wait never mind, I noticed that making an account is the same thing as making an account on the forums xD


Yeah. Thanks for trying though!


They do Scratch in CS50 at harvard. Its a good learning point for any age if you want to pursue Software engineering. Coding isn’t just the code its learning to solve problems.