Should i wait for finishing the python course or others?

Hey Guys!, If you haven’t noticed
Codecademy is going to update their courses
That means that we are going to lose all our progress and that stuff, but looks like the Python course isnt the best, it has many errors
Then, should i wait?
Thanks in advance!

There are very few errors in the python course? If you find them, make a forum topic with:

the exercise url
error message

i have been on the forum for a while, most of the time its a bug in the learners code. So you can perfectly complete the python course


Yes, the Python course offers a great deal of information. Complete the current course now, and the new one when it goes online. You’ll learn a lot more by completing both courses than by completing either one by itself. There are very few errors in the current course, and in fact, finding and diagnosing errors is a worthwhile learning experience, whether the errors are in your own code, in someone else’s, or within instructional material. I actually learned very much about Python by finding errors in Codecademy’s submission correctness tests (SCTs) for the Python track when it first went online.

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