Should I use the <p> tag?

I am still able to write content without using the opening and closing "

, </p?" tags each time. Should I be in the habit of using them still? Why?

So the <p> tag sets a paragraph. In a simple website like the example it doesn’t do much, but html automatically adds space before and after paragraph text so in a longer page its valuable for seperating paragraphs apart.

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Should everything be written out in one line or should it mimic the example and be done in 2 lines? The start body tag being the first line, the content being the second line, and the end body tag being the third line? I tried both ways (one line vs. three lines) and both seemed to work.

What example? Can you give us more context?

Vertical spacing and indentation are not required for the code to work. However, it’s used for better readability for humans looking at the code to make sense of it better. This will be more and more useful as the code gets more complex.