Should I use AngularJS for a job site


I want to build a job site for our company. There also needs to be a form on it to apply to jobs. There has to be a possibility to filter jobs as it will contain more than 50 job offers.

Everywhere I read: " AngularJS is perfect for Single Page Applications " Does this mean that angularJS is not the preferred language for such a site? If so, what would be the alternative.


Based on your question i am going to say something harsh, you do not understand what a single page application means in this context. Although i don’t blame you, the term is slightly confusing.

you could use a single page application for your job site, its possible. If you should, is another matter entirely, i will cover that later once i explained it.

lets say we make a search bar:

  <input type="text" placeholder="search for a job">
  <input type="submit" value="search">

“traditionally”, when the user searches for something (for example: software engineer) a page will be returned with the search results, and the web browser will have to render this entire page again.

in a SPA (single page applications) only the search result would be returned, and you would render this search result within the same page. So you can display different things within the same page, by adding/removing elements from the page. This makes the whole experience a lot more dynamic.

Angular is big, its massive. its a MVC for front-end, do you really need that? Its a lot easier to just re-render the entire page, is that acceptable as well? If not, isn’t something lighter like reactJS better? Or maybe even vueJS is enough to get the dynamic experience? (if i am not mistaken, vueJS is even smaller and lighter then reactJS).

you can always go for non-dynamic pages first, and then start dynamic features where needed

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Hi stetim94,

Thx for your comprehensive answer! Yes the term is confusing, but I understand now. I guess I’ll start building the front-end with html/css/javascript and once done (if needed) I’ll add dynamic pages.

I guess I’m eager to learn something new and saw this as an opportunity;)

what are you going to use for the backend?

We are using SQL and classicASP

SQL is used by many databases, its the query language itself (sql = structured query language), mySQL is database using SQL for example

is that Does that support AJAX and json?

Yes sorry, to clarify. SQLserver and classic ASP (

and yes, it supports ajax and json

Nice, never work with asp net, how is it? At this moment, do you need any further help from it? (but please not on asp net matters, don’t know anything about that)

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