Should I take up a statistics course before starting the data science career path?

Hey guys, I completed the python 3 course and would like to start the data science career path. I have less knowledge of statistics. And data science requires a lot of statistics knowledge. So should I take up a course on statistics before starting the career path? Drop in your advice. Thank you.

Hi, @object6296178624. You’re right, data science does require a good amount of statistics knowledge. @webdevholland recently posted about having to refresh her statistics skills while taking the Data Scientist Path in this post: I have to relearn statistics :/. She linked a good article about statistics that you may find helpful! Also, I know @lisalisaj has nearly completed the Data Scientist Path. She might have some great insight for you! :slight_smile:


Hi @object6296178624 – Congrats on completing the Python 3 course & your new foray into data science!
I don’t think you need to take a pre-course in stats. I think you can learn simultaneously. For me, it’d been awhile since I’d studied stats (grad school) but once I started going through the DS modules, it started to come back to me (I also take a bunch of notes when I’m learning). Plus, I think that there’s so many helpful online resources for stats that can supplement your learning journey in DS. I would suggest not rushing through the material too. A common theme here that I see others repeat is, ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint.’ :slight_smile:

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