Should i study web dev with python or node js?

i alredy programing in python (study here in code academy), i want to move to wed development hope to find a job.
which tech should i choose to study? node js or python django/flask?, for full stack

If you are looking at a job then in web then, more generally, Javascript will have more options and you would find it easier to move between jobs by maybe picking up a new framework.

JS would be more flexible - there’s a wide range of frameworks written in JS, and you can use it for both front- and back-end development on the web.

Python does have web frameworks which you have already discovered, like Flask and Django. However, to use them on the web you would also need to know HTML/JS/CSS to build the front-end anyway.

I’d say really you have a couple of ways to go here.

  1. Look into Flask or Django a bit more, and see whether you like them. If you do, great - carry on learning them.

  2. Look at web dev jobs in the area you live, or what you consider to be an acceptable commuting distance. If people are hiring for web dev work, they’ll have a list of required skills in the job ad (you’d hope). You can then learn the skills that are in demand, and go from there.

Does that help?

thanks a lot, i study a lot of python, so i wanted to do full stack with python to use it(im doing the computer science path) buy every where its look like JS is more popular,i live i tel aviv, there is every thing here and a lot of demand but it look like Node JS is th most popular even than i dont understand why…
by the way i love python and will be happy to keep with it, i think if there was computer science path here with JS i would do it, but it all with python, so i use it a lot( the data structure ect is so good…)

i have another question- years a go i was study a bit .net in high school, and there was a lot of drag and frop options in the ide very easy to use, like you drop every thing you want to a window a program inside the button you drop, today things like this is not popular any more?
and Front page was popular so you didnt had to write html just to drop what you want, why today it doesnt exist?

Since there are many choices, it follows that one might choose something that suits which language they most prefer. That makes it a much easier decision. If Python is your language, then stick with it and perfect the available frameworks so you can make a choice in the end which of them you will go with.

Once you get bored, switch to ES6+ and Node.js/Express.js and when that gets mastered, decide between the two.

After that, learn Ruby and then Ruby On Rails and master that. Now you have three to choose between.

Anybody who has not done this cannot give a truly viable suggestion. You get what I mean…

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