Should I skip Express?

Hello all,

I’m kinda struggling with the Node/Express part of the Web Dev course. This is the first back end programming that I’ve done so it’s hard to conceptualise what I need to be doing. And as much as I like Codecademy I don’t think this is some of the strongest content they have to offer (or perhaps that’s just me). Can anyone recommend any resources I can lean on? Perhaps some good YouTube videos or something?

I’m thinking about skipping this section and moving on to the SQL part, but I don’t know how much of the SQL course relies on knowledge of Node/Express.

I’m getting slightly bummed out about how much I’m struggling with these concepts.

I don’t see why not, SQL will be new and it’s easy to follow. You can always go back after SQL. Some things just make sense and others , well they take a moment to sink in.

Thanks for the reply. I reckon I’m gonna skip it then, cheers!

I have not taken the full Web Dev path as of yet, so I can’t say for certain.

But with most of CC content, later lessons often rely on content taught in previous ones. You may be able to try skipping it and see if you end up needing it later, and come back if you do.

JavaScript is a language that I have seen a lot of new coders, including myself, get stuck on when first starting. Remember to take breaks and not to get frustrated with it. Take your time when learning and don’t rush yourself. If you really want to learn something, and you are willing to work hard for it, than you certainly can!

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