Should I save the file as js file or HTML


Hi friends

I am new to Javascript after finishing HTML and CSS. I do offline exercises while doing the online courses in order to get more familiar. hence I wish to create an offline file to experiment with js codes that are learnt online. How do you do this. For example for html and css I created html and css files and did some codes on them.
thanks in advance


It depends if you having an external JS file or you have your JS code in script tags inside your HTML ?

If its external then .js
if its in HTML then .html


Thanks zainabrawat for lightening response - you guys are super cool, helpful and what not.
I have copy pasted your reply into my reference files. Will give a try to both stuff. Was just wondering why this was not included in the first lessons. But never mind you people are doing a lots of handholding. Thanks and thanks.


Why not just bookmark her reply here on Codecademy Discuss?


Thanks buddy. Will do


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