Should I reset my Front_end Engineering course and start all over again?

I am at 50% progress in Front-end course but I was side-tracked for about three weeks. I feel insecure that I might have lost a big part of learning retention while I was away. It is a good idea to reset and start all over again? Please advise.


I would recommend reviewing your notes and thoroughly reviewing the code you have developed thus far before progressing further, rather than initiating a complete restart. By revisiting your previous work, you can consolidate your understanding and build upon the foundation you have established. Any concepts or aspects that you may have overlooked or find challenging can be revisited in subsequent modules of the course. This will save you a lot of time too.

I don’t see any harm in restarting the curriculum. It will allow you to reinforce what you’ve learned and practice already learned concepts.

By the time you return to where you’re at now, you should have an even better grasp of the material.

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If you feel insecure and reset the course will make you feel better.
I would say “Why not”, I believe building your confidence in the learning journey is important.
and if you are familiar with the concept you had learned before, you will get right back to 50% real fast.

also, here is a Front-end roadmap that I try to follow.
maybe it would help you to stay on track, and know where you are right now. at least it works for me. :grinning:

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