Should I purchase some textbooks?

thanks for the in-depth explanation…Im new to coding and programming… I mean real new, I am building the Foundation on which I am to master this. any tips or suggestions you could give me would be greatly appreciated, like should I purchase some textbooks?

Suggest do not purchase anything until you determine if this is something that really interests you and you find an aptitude for it. Take some free courses, do some reading, work with the code in solving simple problems. If the curiosity is there, then you may be a good fit.

The Pro and Student subscriptions are reasonably priced once we tally everything that is included. It’s worth the dollar a day (or less). As for books, they are expensive, so only buy what you believe will give you value. Again, on the assumption this is something you will want to keep learning on a long term basis, and later apply to the real world, possibly as a career, then subscribe to something like SitePoint Premium which offers low cost alternatives, and even many free e-books on a wide variety of subjects and languages. There is plenty of value in what they offer.

thanks, now maybe this is a stupid question, but is this the ground floor of learning when it comes to coding and programming? or is there even more basic than what I am doing right now?

It could be described as ‘ground floor’, yes, but one can progress as gradually or as quickly as one is able.

ok, thanks again. I am just the type of person that needs to start from the beginning of anything in order to truly understand what I’m doing

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You have a browser, and likely a text editor, so have enough tools to begin exploring HTML and CSS, and a little later, JavaScript. The free courses here provide as much environment as needed to get started. Eventually you will want to explore on your own machine.

To repeat, there is nothing to buy, just now, and nothing to download/install, save maybe a free text editor like Notepad++. Learn to work with the most basic tools and don’t seek out ‘better’ ones until you actually have an idea what you need.

Give the HTML a try and gauge your interest level. HTML is the backbone of all webpages and apps. Pour yourself into the subject, not just doing lessons and exercises, but doing the follow-up reading. and MDN are great online resources. Learn your way around them and turn to them every day.

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your the man!! thanks again, I will finish the section I am doing now and giving what your saying a shot

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If you start learning Javascript then Eloquent Javascript is free for everyone on the internet.

In the first few chapters they go through basics of programming like values, loops ,functions etc. which you’ll need to understand in any language. Just the syntax might be a little bit different

They have an online sandbox for their exercises as well.