Should I learn Java or JavaScript?

Which path is more preferable? Java or javascript?

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It depends entirely on what you want to do.

In general, if you want to develop for the web then choose JavaScript. If you’re thinking you might like to make Android apps, then Java would be better.

What is it that you want to do with your programming knowledge? Answering that question will likely steer your answer to which language(s) you want to learn…


To add onto what @thepitycoder said, if this is your first time coding, JavaScript is probably and easier language to start with. Here is a video by CC that explains the differences.

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Thank you for you reply.but I wanna know which language has more demand in market.if I learn javascript then I have more chances to get job or if u learn Java then I have more chances?

I was a fresher so I have to think of what is more good for my career,so that I will start learning it

Hope you people will help me through this :pray:

You could use Stackoverflow’s developer survey 2020 as a reference?

Go to “popular technologies”

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Thank means a lot

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Javascript is the best solution for web development. You can become a full-stack developer easily with Javascript. Talking about Java, it has a good market in android app development but considering Kotlin and other app development platforms like React-native and Ionic, you should stick to Javascript.

Don’t make your decision only based on what is popular. If you really want to be a mobile app developer, you should definitely learn Java and/or Kotlin.

A lot of languages share similar concepts, so learning new programming languages becomes easier the longer you are programming.

this is over simplified, making an hybrid app (react-native, ionic) has advantages and drawbacks over building native apps (Java or kotlin for android and swift for IOS). Based on your projects need, use the right tools. Don’t force a tool on something it wasn’t meant to do


This right here :point_up_2:
And as an extension of it, why don’t you take some time and look at job postings/openings at companies you like? The companies that you would like to work at.

  • Check their internship openings, their junior developer positions, graduate programs, etc. Anything you would be able to apply to.
  • Take notes of the technologies, programming languages and other practices that seem to be common among them, are asked for the most.
  • Now you know the languages and technologies you should be focusing on!

this makes sense…

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