Should I know enough to build a working crud app now?


I’m working through the Backend Developer course, and I just finished the module on deploying with Heroku.

So now I know how to
~ Use SQL commands to interact with a database
~ set up a RESTful API with Node.js
~ Deploy a postgres backend with Heroku

It seems that these building blocks should be enough to build and deploy a simple crud app where I could post, put, and delete from a table, such as “users”. But I feel like I’m missing one (or maybe two) important connections to bring this all together and make such an app functional.

If the Codecademy lessons DO intend to help me put all this together, then I’m perfectly happy to simply continue on my path. But when I look ahead, it seems like the upcoming lessons will be moving on from this skill. They’re going into testing, then design principles, then API development.

Does anybody know of a good tutorial or something that might help me complete a crud app with Express, Postgresql, and deploy that app on Heroku?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Hi there.
Check out this tutorial on PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL: What is a Database | Course | 2019 - YouTube
And this library to connect your PostgreSQL database with Node: