Should I have learned CSS before this lesson?

It’s HTML introduction but suddenly it mentions CSS edition, which requires CSS knowledge.
(Exercise : HTML: INTRODUCTION / Learn HTML TABLES: exercice 12: Styling with CSS".)

Located in this senteces:

->“You can use CSS to style tables just like you have done in the past.” (NOPE)
->“CSS properties you learned about earlier.” (NOPE)

My response – No I did not, I’ve never learnt CSS before–


Agreed-- I even clickedon solution, copied it to word and searched for all references to CSS and 18px-- there’s nothing in the official solution. I guess we’ll learn about it in the CSS lessons…? Moving on now.

Yeah, that part really confused me too, any help on where I was supposed to learn the CSS part would be appreciated.


A year later, not fixed yet. Shame.