Should I go to university or learn whilst working?

For context, I’m a twenty-three year old male in the United Kingdom, I work a dead-end job, and I’ve never known what to make a career out of. That is until I discovered software engineering. I left school at fifteen and have since spent the years unwisely, dipping in and out of different courses with no relation to one another. I’ve worked at a zoo. I’ve studied interior design. I’ve tried film studies. I’ve dipped my toe in some physics and mathematics. Nothing has ever gripped me like these courses on code academy have and I’m ridiculously excited by that.

This is where my problem begins.

I am determined to pursue this as a career, but I’m uncertain what the best way to go about it is. I’m uncertain whether or not I should apply to software engineering courses at university and pursue my learning that way. I’d be eager to go to university, but I’m uncertain if that’s foolish, as I also have the option of simply staying at home, working part time, and learning on my days off.

Can anybody share their two cents? I’d appreciate any piece of advice I can get.

If you want, just use Codecademy on the side. I use all sorts of programs like this while still in high school. Just 30-60 minutes a day. University is expensive, but there are thousands of free websites like this. This is pretty much a self-taught career. Both my brother and father skipped college and both earn 10-20k a month. But do what you feel is best for you

Whilst I’d say there’s certainly value in undertaking a CS degree at university, I’d also say that it’s far from the only way that you could break into coding as a career.

Obviously, what I’m about to say will depend greatly on things like where you live and what the companies in that area are like… but you may well find that if you can get a handle on the basics of coding, whether that’s from Codecademy and/or other online resources, that you’ll be able to find a company willing to take you on as a junior developer and train you.

That would give you a foot in the door, so to speak, and the best of both worlds - work and relevant training. :slight_smile:

Go to college!!!