Should I do a Pro Intensive?

Hey Everyone!

Here is a list of courses I have already completed to add context to my question:

Learn HTML
Learn CSS
Learn SASS
Learn Responsive Design
Make a website
Duke University Intro to computer science
I am currently Finishing up Learn MySQL, and have recently started Harvard CS50.

Should I do a pro intensive? Why or why not? Money is not the problem, My time is. So please, Convince me why or why it is not worth my time and if I should either do CS50 or a pro intensive.

Much Love, -Cole Lyons


What’s in your wallet? Just kidding, but I can’t afford it myself.

Sure, do a Pro Intensive on webpages. First however, I probably learn JS free course here on Codecademy just to warm you up on it. HTML, CSS, and JS are the three core webpage languages. With what you have learned, I would suggest a Pro course on webpages though it is your choice.

I hope this helps =)

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You have mostly web courses such as HTML and CSS, so like @trevorhodges said do something using maybe HTML or CSS to get both more practice and expierence along with learning new things .

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Thanks for the replies all.


Your welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve taken a couple and have mixed feelings. You’re basically paying a premium to bundle together courses that are readily available. Say for instance that you’ve completed the courses you’ve listed above plus some other relevant courses to web development and then and took a front end intensive. You’d already have credit and be completed with half of the intensive. What’s left is really just more courses you could have also taken out side of the intensive, saved some $ and learned the same things. That said I think what you’re paying for is

  1. Access to an instructor and a group of peers in slack working on the same things you are.

  2. Decent unit projects and capstones.

  3. And in my opinion the most important. A fire being lit under you and being forced to adhere to a schedule so you make the most of your TIME.

So all in all I think the bang for your buck factor is questionable seeing as you’re basically paying for what you already have access to but It’s a fantastic option if you’re a procrastinator looking for a motivation and and richer learning environment.