Should I Continue to Program?

Recently, I got a message from somebody asking about my programming experience and how they’re having trouble learning, just wondering if it gets easier, I guess. Honestly, I haven’t been programming long at all. I started in April of this year, and stopped for a long while because it was so hard at first. I just want to say, it does get better. Additionally, if you’re thinking about quitting, maybe take a break to just research the code and ask questions to other programmers rather than just quitting altogether.
I love programming so much, and I know that it can be so hard sometimes. Learning is always difficult, because if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be growing as a person, or as a programmer/whatever you’re studying. Though you can’t always just ‘get out there and do projects’, the thing that helped me most was having my dad explain things to me. Programming becomes easier when you have somebody to share it with and ask questions to. This forum is so great for that. Instead of copying answers, (which can be so tempting and easy), I suggest asking about the code or just reaching out and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Sometimes it’s a specific problem you need to solve, sometimes a concept, sometimes the logic of code itself.
I personally believe that learning to program is a necessity, at least to some degree. Not everybody will make a living off of it, because we need doctors, teachers, writers, astrophysicists, etc. I do think that programming helps everybody become a better problem solver and think more logically as well.
When you’re in a lesson and it’s hard, extend your scope of learning, and research your code or concept in different places, or ask about it. Stack Overflow is a great place to look for answers and advanced or non advanced concepts. Another thing I suggest is to go back to previous lessons. Especially with sites like CodeCademy or something in school, they’ll never ask you to do something that you haven’t learned yet. Reviewing is a great way to help fix your coder’s block.
At the beginning, it is the hardest, and that’s the same with anything. You’ll get over this hill and become a great programmer IF you set your mind to it. That sounds cliche but it’s really important to strive to do your best, because that’s how you stand out and I believe that when you do the best you can do, you’re helping others to reach their potential as well.
Keep programming and making time for it, and you’ll accomplish what you want to.
If you want help from others, you have to help yourself as well, so be willing to learn and be corrected.
I’m not a great programmer by any means, and I don’t claim to be, but I think that everybody can spend time doing this and grow. If it’s your passion, or if you just want to be good at it, you can be, and it will be hard, but it will also be worth it.

Inspirational post complete. :slight_smile: