Should I complete a few language courses before starting a career path, or do a career path first?

Hi guys.
I am new to Codecademy Pro, which means I now have access to all courses and paths (yey)
I am wondering on what to do now. Before getting Pro I done markup languages such as HTML and CSS on this website so I am currently completing the Pro features as well.
But if I move onto programming languages such as Python, C++ and Java I have the feeling that I want to start and complete these courses.
Or would you guys suggest for me to do a career path first?
Let me know

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Hello. If you are just learning for fun, and to make a hobby, then just do the courses of the languages you want to learn! But if you want to make a career out coding, then I would do a few paths, or the path that is what you most want to do, then once you finish that, do the courses of the languages taught in the path, to consolidate your knowledge.


Thanks man. I’ll do that