Should I be using frameworks or no?


I am working on my final project, and I have been using Bootstrap to put it together. Is this bad form while learning? Would it be more beneficial for me to try and piece everything together myself?

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Using frameworks isn't a bad thing if you know what each component is and can use them. There are many other frameworks other than Bootstrap that developers use. I even use frameworks sometimes.

It's actually ok to use frameworks since you get used to them. And they are used quite often. It makes developing easier. This is my two cents.


Frameworks have a lot of benefits, and I think it's good to learn at least one. On smaller projects they can simplify things, especially grids, and are used a lot in the real world. On larger projects, they can make the code more manageable.

However, personally, I think it's best to build your first website without one. When I studied web development last year, our class had to build our first website without any frameworks, and I think it deepened our knowledge of HTML / CSS a lot more than if we used Bootstrap. That said, I think you can use learn to code well with frameworks, you would just have to be careful to keep learning new things about HTML/CSS, and not just depend on the framework doing everything in the background.

As a middle ground option, you could also consider a lightweight framework or boilerplate like Skeleton ( It has very basic styling and a grid system which you can optionally use, but it doesn't have pre-made components like a lot of other frameworks. If you want to use flexbox, I've heard Milligram is similar to Skeleton but newer and with a flexbox grid (