Should I be looking up unexplained concepts?

I believe this is the first time I am seeing the “raise” keyword. Codecademy usually explains new keywords before expecting us to code with them. This was a poorly written exercise. I too needed the hints. I came here for more explanation.


There are some arguments used here that i never heard about, am i supposed to be googling things while doing the lessons?

To me seems a poorly written exercise, that doesn’t explain previous knowledge we should have to understand fully this lesson.

Needs a review.

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100% yes. Part of learning to code is becoming comfortable with the resources available, as no course will cover everything.

That said, I agree that this lesson could have been more clear.

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I do understand the part about googling, but if this is a lesson should only include content we already know.

Wouldn’t be to hard to include a previous lesson going over the raise argument and the zerovalueerror etc.


I just came here to say that I have NO idea at all what this lesson was supposed to teach me. It is extremely confusing. I would recommend introducing one new concept at a time, not several.


i don’t understand this concept, in editor you use ‘raise’ but didn’t explain, and the example is not enough for me to get it.
what is this used for in real life, what kind of input will get what result. have nothing.


raise raises an error, causing the program to halt

there are many reasons why might need to throw errors. You might write code that someone else will use later, then its useful to raise error when other programmer tries to do something that isn’t allowed.

here, this picture, until i go to this quiz , i understand what it is used for, you really need to rewrite this part like this. this is real example.

as explained by stevencopeland, moderators do not write the lessons, we merely help on the forum

i would like to add, that in programming you will regular run into new concepts and problem, and if something isn’t clear, you can do additional research on the matter until you understand

programming is a continues learning process, i started programming 4 or 5 years ago, i still learn new things nearly every day.

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“i would like to add, that in programming you will regular run into new concepts and problem, and if something isn’t clear, you can do additional research on the matter until you understand”

Fair - but it seems like a weird time to just start throwing in things not covered, this is an obviously less straight forward part of the lesson planning and suddenly people are noticeably lost. Copping out with some “coding is about always learning” response is an easy way of saying we got lazy and aren’t going to update this part to account for a clear mistake. This isn’t free. This is infuriating to encounter in such an early part of the lesson.

Exactly, or maybe just introducing it period. The moderator responses here are “well you’re always going to be learning when learning to code.” Thanks, that’s why I’m here and paying.

Codecademy staff do read the Forums on a regular basis, and comments from users can help them improve the instructional content. However, as programmers, we can all realistically expect to encounter instructional material and documentation on a regular basis that is in need of improvement. That observation is not a rationalization for this situation, but rather an acknowledgement of reality.

@stetim94’s observations are right on target. Beyond the bounds of Codecademy there exists a vast amount of reference material of a wide range of quality available to the programming community. Some of it is lacking in clarity to varying degrees. Yet even this material can often be extremely useful to us if we compensate for its deficiencies by searching for additional documentation that fills in the conceptual gaps. We need to cultivate the habit of forging ahead when the going gets rough, whether it is due to imprecise or incomplete reference material, or due to challenging debugging situations.