Should Adam's Greenworks get a scope?

Why didn’t we put 'Adam’s Greenwork under scope=col attribute?

Do you mean like this?

        <th scope="col">Company Name</th>
        <th scope="col">Number of Items to Ship</th>
        <th scope="col">Next Action</th>

yes, but just Adam’s Greenwork

We wouldn’t be assigning scope to a data cell. That is meant for THs, as shown above.


This really helped :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Is this how we should have done it? I’ve done as following and it still worked.

   <th>Company Name</th>
   <th>Number of Items to Ship</th>
   <th>Next Action</th>

Looks okay, but does it comply with the instructions? Don’t forget to close the TABLE. We see you have not declared a THEAD, or scope on the THs. Is that still to come in the instructions?

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Hi, I have tried to assign scope “row” or “col” for the

but it didnt make any different as below:
<th scope="row">Company Name</th>

<th scope="row">Number of Items to Ship</th>

<th scope="row">Next Action</th>
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The THs are column headers so the scope should be col, not row

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Thanks a lot mtf for the above answer but why row or col usage didn’t make any different in web page I’m developing

The scope attribute is used by screen readers to enhance accessibility for visually impaired users.
So you won’t see any difference on your page, but a vision impaired person using a screen reader will benefit from proper usage of scope attribute.

So for table headings “scope” is set to “col”, and for “Adam’s Greenwork” it should be set to “row”


I’m sorry, I’m still confused about this particular subject. So I did Adam’s Greenworks and I’m struggling to fully understand the purpose of putting/not putting scope=“col” or scope=“row”. If scope attribute is for the visually impaired, what makes this correct/incorrect?

I’m confused,
wouldn’t the first three Headings: Company Name, Number of Items and Next Action be scope=“col”

and then Adam’s Greenworks shouldn’t be scoped as is not a table measuring two variables but just data.

Ok, I just looked it up and I think you are mixing rows ups with columns. The codecademy lesson is correct. Rows are arranged horizontally, according to
Not sure about the following question, as I am very new at coding

Difference Between Rows and Columns

Is it really necessary to add a scope=column?

I remember reading something about multiple cells in a tr are automatically shown as columns next to each other.

Yes,as Far I know scope=“Column” must be added to the table heading(th) in the given practice section to indicate that this particular column represent this type of information.
But it works even without that scope attribute, because scope attribute is actually for screen readers,it do not make any visual changes to it.


Hi mtf, could you please elaborate on this? Why do we need to declare THEAD? What is the role of THEAD? AND what’s the relationship between THEAD and SCOPE?

THEAD describes the table. SCOPE defines the applicable range, whether it is a column below the TH attribute, or a row beside the TH attribute.

Scope helps the user agent to connect a heading to its associated TD elements. It makes no difference to a non-assisted user.

Does this range including the heading(TH) and its associated TD elements? OR only the associated table data elements?
BTW, is the cell in Table HTML as same as the “box in Excel”? Does the cell include TD, TH, THEAD, etc?

The TD is a table data cell, so much like a spreadsheet. TH are headings that may appear above, or to the left of the table data. While THEAD is a container, I wouldn’t consider it a cell. The cells would be TDs in the TR that is enclosed, which may or may not be column headings. The TD could colspan over the entire table and look like a table heading, or a prose description of what the table is about.