Should a front-end developer know Python? If so, which ones?

I just started with Codeacademy a few months back, and I’m on the front-end developer career path. I’m in an HTML course right now, and I know I need CSS and Javascript. BUT, do I need Python even though that’s mostly used for back-end? Are there any current front-end developers who use Python in their jobs?

Python has some advanced frameworks for full-stack development, but for strictly front-end, I don’t really think so. Like you said, Python is typically used on the back-end of a web app, either in the development of the application server itself or to process some of the data behind the scenes. While you could develop a front-end in Python, there’s no real reason to, in practice.

thanks! I think I’ll skip it for now and jump into it when and IF the time comes.

I would encourage you to jump into it when you are comfortable, it’s worth learning even if you don’t plan to use it often. Python is a powerful and fun language to work in. It’s been my main language for years.