Shopping at the Market

I’m trying to create the groceries list, I’ve written this

groceries = [ “banana”, “orange”, “apple”]

and then the Run button keeps turning and turning, no error message or green check mark that I got it right. I have to press the back page button just to get out of it and I have tried several things to try to at least get an error message and it’s stuck on the Run button. Resetting the code hasn’t worked either. Is this a glitch? Or am I doing something wrong?

Looks okay. One thing to try would be remove the leading space inside the list.


Thank you I’ll try that.

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Got the same trouble.

I even went back and reran/input the other sections and tried it again and it still wont work I’m hoping this is a bug and it can get fixed quickly. I reported it as a bug.

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Same problem. Nothing works

We just received a report from the engineers that they have resolved the issues. Report back here if it is still a problem. Reset code, and refresh page before trying.

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Same issue still for me

As a final work around, Get Code will let you pass the lesson and move on.

I’m having the same issue. Also reported as a bug, as the code is correct. (Someone I know who works in IT for a living confirmed it for me.) Still not fixed.

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