Shopping at the market 10/13,


This is my second day of trying to report this bug. In python, Shopping at the market, I have not been able to move to the next stage because the editor kept running non-stop.
I have rebooted my system, logged off, logged in again, reported the bug like 3 times, still no positive result.

The code is not the problem, otherwise it would have given me an error message. The python script just kept running without any response.
This is my code ;
groceries = [“banana”, “orange”, “apple”]


Hello @ezidiegwu,

I’m sorry you’re unable to continue your lessons. Ever since the Python course got moved, the move caused some bugs to occur in the lessons. Many users are experiencing issues with these lessons and we are working on the issue.

Have you tried jumping to a different exercise (after refreshing the exercise) like so:


Click on the latter and it’ll show you a list of the lessons.
Or is that still not possible?


Hi there,

I am also encountering the same issue. Tried multiple times (including jumping to a different exercise), and I am still unable to get past Chapter 10.

As such, I am not able to continue with my Python lessons.

Kindly let us know when the error is resolved (perhaps an email to let us know that we can continue the lessons)

Thanks for working on this!


I had this same issue. In another post, someone suggested a fix that worked for me.
First, refresh the page then reset the exercise (in the bottom left corner of the editor). Then, type in the code again and it works fine.


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